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Digital visibility is key in ecommerce (& Indias Flipkart knows it)

Econsultancy What clients – and not just marketers – want from agencies is an understanding of the ecosystem that helps them deliver a unified consumer-facing experience across media and merchandising. This needs to be grounded in deep and actionable consumer insight. The value that agencies need to bring is understanding where the shopper journey begins and how those touchpoints can be amplified. https://cheapstore.co/2016/07/26/love-relationships-articles/ Amazon Search, or AMS, is the toast of the moment and certainly absolutely critical to a good ecommerce strategy, but just as important is how brands use tools like Google Shopping. For highly visual categories, Google Shopping is a critical way to tell a brand story on the shelf that matters, and that may be https://cheapstore.co/2017/03/23/can-be-ebay-cheaper-than-amazon-com/ Google in some instances. Google is a scaled play in the way that AMS is still evolving – and the question to answer is one of scale. For multi-channel brands – who have both a DTC and an e-tail model – something as decidedly un-sexy as sorting out a product feed to Google Shopping could be much more effective than a box tick on AMS. AMS is wildly powerful, but it is designed to work as a scalpel, not a machete. Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers: Best Practice Guide Vying for attention in India’s ecommerce market Ultimately, what clients then ask their agencies to deliver is a plan that is rooted in consumer insight and real data. In an effort to understand this for our clients at Wavemaker, we use a proprietary Purchase Journey approach to study the behaviour of online shoppers in a number of markets.

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